Men’s Fashion at the Kentucky Derby: Don’t Overlook the Seersucker Option
By Staff
Posted: 12/17/2018
The Kentucky Derby is known for a lot of things — great horses, beautiful women, money, hats — but not to be forgotten is the fact that it’s also the unofficial beginning of Seersucker season.
Since the heritage brand Haspel started distributing the crinkly fabric in New Orleans nearly a century ago, this lightweight style worn by mostly Southern gentleman features bright colors, bow ties, and even hats (straw ones). Seersucker style has come to redefine how we view some men’s fashion at the Kentucky Derby. So here you go with a few of the essentials of pulling off this unique and stylish look on Derby Day:
Many used to say that “only rich men could afford to wear such cheap fabrics”.  The Seersucker fabric has a certain distinct appearance and feel that is highly recognizable and always looks sharp.
You can usually find a full seersucker suit at your local major department store, such as Macy’s or Nordstrom. The best part is that even a new jacket is guaranteed to wrinkle, which is all part of the fabrics charm and part of the experience wearing it to the Kentucky Derby.
It’s best to try and be creative when picking your coordinating items as many themed, colorful, and uniquely stitched options always fit well with this look. By all means, don’t hold back and let your flashy side shine on Derby Day with fun socks or snazzy pocket square.
Last but not least, maybe you will even find a great pair of two–tone slip on shoes suitable for sipping bourbon and mingling with the stars throughout Churchill Downs. The right pair of loafers is key to any successful seersucker look, so choose carefully!
Pulling off the seersucker look on Derby Day is no small feat, but if you plan well and shop boldly, you can have a classic look that will turn eyes all day long at the “Run for the Roses”.