Derby Hats: How Crazy is Too Crazy?
By Staff
Posted: 12/17/2018
The Kentucky Derby is all about the excitement of the races and of course the beautiful horses, but what else makes the Derby one of the best events to attend? The hats of course!
Every year both the ladies and men go all out to find or design the most beautiful (and crazy) hats possible. In reserved seats such as the grandstands or Clubhouse, more traditional looks are popular, such as wide-brimmed, full hats or big fascinators. Men wear fedoras or straw hats, to name a few.
The question is, how crazy is too crazy for a wild Derby hat? Well, that depends on your personal style. We have seen everything from a cheese hats to feather embellished hats, to themed hats. Usually, the bigger or more detailed, the better.
General areas such as the Infield, Paddock and concourses are where you will see the decadent and depraved crowds as referenced in literature and lore. Hats are everywhere and every type you can imagine is proudly displayed for the races.
The truth is the Derby is the one event where any type of head gear goes. There is no better way to show your unique style than through a hat. Take a tip and go all out, flaunt it with confidence, and you will put all those other hats to shame and take part in one of the most fun and fashionable traditions of the Kentucky Derby.