Derby Hats

Artistry & Kentucky Derby Hats!

The Kentucky Derby hat is almost as much a part of the Kentucky Derby as the thoroughbreds themselves. For many folks, a day at the track isn’t really a time to go all out with fashion as casual attire are … Continue reading

Thinking About Derby Hats!

The Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs are soaked in tradition. Mint Juleps, $2 wagering, the Twin Spires, and the singing of My Old Kentucky Home are big part of the Derby experience. The Derby hat is right up there among … Continue reading

Don’t Throw Out That Old Derby Hat!

When in doubt about your favorite hat, don’t throw it away…ask a friendly milliner if it can be saved.One of my favorite customers brought back a superb Montecristi extra super fino from South America . These hats are very, very … Continue reading

The “Fortunate Prospect” Hat

Milliner Sally Faith Steinmann of MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® has created this stunning one-of-a-kind couture Derby hat to honor the great sire, Fortunate Prospect, one of the most beloved retirees at Old Friends of Kentucky.A unique trim design of sumptuous tones … Continue reading

Benburb Hat

“Hats Off to the Horses: The Road to the Derby”, a 6-month online Derby hat auction fundraiser that benefits Old Friends!This unique Derby hat fundraiser features one-of-a-kind couture Derby hats created by MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®This unique hat auction features a … Continue reading

Early Derby Hat Planning

No woman wants to settle on what they are wearing to any event, especially the Derby. That is why beginning the early planning process for your Derby hat right now seems like a very smart idea. This is why I … Continue reading

Derby Hats: How crazy is too crazy?

The Kentucky Derby is all about the excitement of the races and of course the beautiful horse, but what else makes the Derby one of the best events to attend? The hats of course! Every year women (and men) go … Continue reading